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Hello, Mohsin!
>  I am convinced this Software App can help millions of people re-invent their lives, and greatly improve their ability to create the results they want, as we all move through this horrifically challenging time, and attempt to put our lives back

in order, in what will become "the new normal."

THE PROJECT:  Updating & Marketing the App

>  The software needs to be updated. (And it is missing a functionality module: It needs to allow the user to easily enter "action steps" into a chosen time slot on their calendar.)
>  As busy as you are, Mohsin, with your Agency & work team, 
I don't know if you want to take on this project.

>  I am planning to conduct a "complete online Product Launch" of this software.  And I am confident this app is going to be very popular.

>  It is the only software available that is based on the Structure of the Generative Creative Process, and the breakthrough principle of "structural creative tension."

>  If you would like to help me with this project, I will need an estimate of the cost and the time involved.
> I had over $35,000.00 worth of keynote speeches booked for events in May and June. But, of course, all of those events have been cancelled (!)  So I will have to raise the money for this project by Crowdfunding. I am confident in my ability to do that.


>  I originally designed this software nine years ago.
During the last two years I've been waiting for a good time to launch it as an online product. And, without a doubt, that time has come. Right now, people need an easy-to-do app that is this powerful, and this easy to use, to help them get their lives back on track.

>  I understand the programmer organized the code with "ruby on rails."  {You have been inside this app before. Most recently, you restored the broken database connection.)
>  I'm assuming the software will have to be re-written in a new code. And it will most certainly need to be mounted in the Cloud, so it can work on desktop computers AND mobile devices.
>  I have a lot of information documents from the programmer

who did the original work.

VIDEO #1:  Understanding the Power of the Software 

>  The app is based on the Structure of the Creative Process and the most important principle in all of achievement science.
>  It is also designed to automate the creation of "strategic action plans," for organizing & energizing ACTION to CREATE DESIRED RESULTS.
>  VIDEO #1 is 7 min 30 secs long. And it will illustrate the Structure of the Generative Creative Process AND the powerful principle involved, which we call "Creative Tension."

5 INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS:  How the Software Works

>  ​I created the following 5 short Instructional Videos, to display how the software works, to share with a few close friends.

>  Each Video is only 5 minutes long.

>  Please Click on each Thumbnail Image to View the Videos.
     The Videos will Open in a new Tab.


>  I can answer any questions you might have about the structure of the software and how it works. And why it is so powerful.
>  If you don't have the time for taking on this project, I will totally

understand. I think you know, YOU are always my first choice.
And I need someone I can trust on this project.

>  I am willing to offer you a share of the project revenue, to help

me with this. 
>  If we can get this software updated quickly, and I get all the marketing work done, on my end, for launching this app, I think 

this will be a big winner.

>  I have WhatsApp on my phone. What information do I need from you to connect us on WhatsApp?

>  Let's talk very soon.
>  Thank you, Mohsin.