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"Vision Creates Reality"

Discovering & Using the Productive Power of the Creative Process

  • Meaningful & Humorous Storytelling:
  • Bodine reveals how his first job after graduating from UCLA, prompted him to begin considering the main question of his professional life
  • Bodine offers proof that "willpower is not sustainable."  Something more is needed
  • A Breakthrough Method for Creating Desired Results:
  • Bodine reveals the 4-part structure of the "Generative Creative Process"
  • Part 1 of this 4-part process is about answering what he considers the most important question in life
  • There's a Structure to It:
  • Bodine uses a thought-provoking visual illustration to reveal the most important discovery in modern achievement science.
  • This is where the leverage comes from, for developing sustainable action energy & generating innovative ideas.
  • Interactive Magic & Comedy:
  • Bodine performs an award-winning "magic prediction stunt" involving four people in the audience
  • Bodine calls this, "The Mind Boggler"
  • Redefining Commitment:  
  • Bodine presents a new awareness of what commitment is, as an integral part of the Creative Process
  • You'll finally know how commitment really works, and what commitment really does
  • The Productive Use of the Creative Process:
  • Bodine tells his story about training for the Olympic Games as a distance runner
  • He ends by claiming, "It's not what the desired results is, it's what committing to the desired result does."

The Power of
Full Engagement

"Putting People First"

"Capturing the Heart of Your Customer"

  • The Human Side of Enterprise:
  • Bodine reveals one of the most important - and little known - principles for creating customer loyalty

Interactive Magic  & Laughter

  • Interactive Magic & Comedy:
  • Bodine performs another one of his unique, award-winning magic stunts      
  • Bodine calls this, "Card on the Target"

"Meeting the
Leadership Challenge"

  • The Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work:
  • Bodine reveals what's #1 on the Top-10 List. He also shares what might be the most important behavior for exercising leadership influence

Client & Attendee


Client Manager

  • Watch this unique audio-video, to hear what Bodine's client had to say about his presentation to their group of hotel managers at their meeting in Las Vegas.

CEO Attendee

  • This CEO attended one of Bodine's presentations on creating customer loyalty. And he had quite a bit to say about it.

Attendees & Clients

  • On-camera testimonials from Bodine's clients & audience members, captured spontaneously on camera following his presentations.

Bodine Blog Content Videos

"The Brain Chemistry of Kindness"

  • It can be quite intriguing to discover the brain chemistry impact of human kindness.

"Service Commandment #1"

  • Bodine uses humorous personal storytelling to communicate one of the most important principles for capturing new customers & retaining existing customers 



Creating Desired Results

The Productive Power of the Generative Creative Process

Twenty years ago Bodine set out to discover the most productive approach to human achievement.  And he found what he was searching for. . . the fundamental method of the human creative process.

The good news is, there's a structure to this process. And when people learn this structure and use it in their work, they always increase their capacity to create the results they care about the most.

Bodine doesn't just talk about "innovation" and "performance improvement."  He shares a proven method for developing innovative ideas, creating efficient strategic action plans, and generating sustainable energy for following-through to completion.

This information is inherently inspiring because people and work teams get a glimpse of what they can actually accomplish when they begin using a method that is this effective.  

In this presentation Bodine reveals the most important principle ever discovered in all of modern achievement science.  He also re-defines "what commitment is" and "how commitment really works." 

Whatever creative capacity your meeting attendees currently possess, this information and methodology will allow them to increase their capacity to create the results they really want.

Ideas Are the Answer

Breakthrough Idea Generation for Work Teams

This is one of Bodine's most enjoyable and valuable presentations. This information will productively change the way your people & teams operate.

Companies who implement this kind of high-speed "idea generation process" with their work teams, commonly improve their "profit-per-employee" metric by more than 600%.

This presentation can be a quick 45-minute speech, or a 2-hour hands-on workshop.

During his consulting work with his clients, Bodine realized that managers and team leaders were using outdated methods to try and get their team members to think creatively and come up with new ideas.

So he developed what has now become a branded method for quickly generating ideas, a method that can be easily integrated, on a regular basis, into the way teams actually work.

In his workshop Bodine breaks the attendees into groups of 6 to 8 people, and takes them quickly through this idea generation process. This is not yesterday's brainstorming method.

This is new, quick, and remarkably productive. Your attendees will be amazed at the sheer volume of ideas they generate in less than 30 minutes.  And, using a clever visual method for evaluating their ideas, they determine which ideas are worth implementing.  This is authentic, hands-on team-building at it's best.  And the ideas that come out of these sessions with Bodine always inspire people to action, and always create value.

The great thing about the way Bodine conducts this fast-paced, productive workshop is, everyone who participates walks away with a complete understanding of how the process works, and the ability to conduct the process with a work team themselves.

Playfully adding in the new awareness of the "inherent creative capacity" of the human brain, Bodine makes this important topic another one of his entertaining and "inspired-to-action learning experiences."


Developing Authentic Employee Engagement

Bodine has a passionate & developed understanding of the "human side of enterprise."

From the beginning of his speaking career Bodine has been helping leaders & managers understand where "engagement" really comes from, and how to create work environments that stimulate employees to become more involved and committed.

In this presentation Bodine playfully shares research from the most authentic "Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work."  Updated with information about the new generation that is part of the workplace, this awareness is more important than ever because we now know, "your customers are going to feel the way your employees feel."

From the awareness provided by quickly and humorously examining this "Top-10 List," attendees will learn the three most important things you can start doing, that will authentically boost morale and increase employee engagement.

This thought-provoking presentation will change the way you think about leadership, and help you update your leadership behavior.  And Bodine's meaningful & playful perspective on "people skills" and "people wisdom," will add energy, wisdom, and laughter to your important meeting.


Creating Business Growth by Creating  Customer Loyalty

To gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace, we must drive our behavior with a broader definition of service excellence. We must raise our sights and focus on creating customer loyalty.  Bodine will help your attendees realize this is not inspirational.  It's operational.

Your business success depends on the two primary benefits obtained from creating loyal customers . . . customer RETENTION and business REFERRALS.

We now know that part of what drives our work behavior is a clear understanding of our values. And there is new "best practice" to utilize.  There are also analytics to guide us. Combined with an understanding of "the human side of enterprise," remarkable results can be created.

In this presentation Bodine will share:

>  Three Primary Principles for Creating Customer Loyalty.
>  The best strategy for getting everyone involved in creating loyal customers.
>  How to create a culture of customer focus.

This information is critical to your company's success. And Bodine communicates this important information with a humorous and entertaining showmanship that makes it unforgettable.  



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