THE POWER TO CREATE: From Desire to Results

THE POWER TO CREATE: from Desire to Results

For people, companies, and work teams the issue is always about creating desired results. In today’s economy it might be accurate to say the issue is about creating desired results with limited available resources. In other words, where does the leverage come from for creating results we care about, even when we have less resource than ever?!

The Generative Creative Process

The productive method your group will learn for gaining leverage to create important results in challenging times is the Generative Creative Process. There’s a structure to this method and a primary tool. And when work teams understand this structure and begin using this tool, they gain immediate leverage in three compelling ways.

True Innovation

In today’s world it can seem like the usual ways to achieve our goals no longer work. Our resources can seem insufficient to the task of creating our most important outcomes. It’s easy for people to say we don’t have enough money or enough time. This is where innovation comes in.
When using the primary tool of the Generative Creative Process, perceived scarcity of resources automatically drives innovative thinking. People and teams get new ideas. They become inventive. They begin using available resources more effectively, as well as discover and develop new resources to use in creating desired results.
Change and learning become the norm. A thirst for learning develops. This sustains effective innovation and change. Change efforts and processes are seen as being part of the creative effort for bringing desired results into being.

  • In this presentation Bodine will share the 4-part structure of the Generative Creative Process and the remarkable principle that provides this kind of leverage. It may be the most important principle you and your team will ever learn.

Strategic Action

The Generative Creative Process also drives efficient strategic planning and effective strategic action.
Important desired results are clarified and communicated, and virtually all actions are taken to bring into being what the organization and team truly wants to create. Challenging circumstances and problems are seen clearly, however they are not the primary focus. The primary focus is on the creation of results that are important.

  • You and your team will learn an action charting tool that implements the goal structuring clarity of the creative process. This tool allows people and teams to easily create strategic action plans tailored to the creation of chosen results.
  • You’ll learn how to structure your goals around Primary and Secondary Choices to drive the most efficient communication and most direct action. This is also part of the real key to follow-through.

Sustainable Energy

This may be the most valuable benefit of using this method. The structure of the generative creative process develops an energy dynamic that is sustainable. This is a form of energy that will not diminish, and does not require will-power manipulation. It will continue until you bring into being the positive result you are focused on creating.

  • You and your team will learn how to use the structure of the creative process to generate sustainable energy for fueling your actions and following-thru to complete the results you’ve chosen.

An Exciting Learning Experience

This is information that can make a difference for you and your work teams. Using this method, people and teams develop a clear sense of direction and alignment. Challenging circumstances and limiting conditions become part of the creative process itself, a process that focuses attention, generates innovation, develops strategy, and provides energy for execution and follow-through.

Bodine is a gifted speaker and trainer, and he delivers this wisdom in a way that truly gets it across and creates a learning experience that is exciting and empowering, the results of which last long after the presentation is over.
Bodine with a Workshop Group