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One of the Top Keynote Speakers, Bodine Balasco, Will Thrill Your Attendees with his Inspiring Information & Amazing Entertainment

Inspiring & Informative Keynote Presentations
from one of America's best Keynote Speakers

One of Bodine's Keynote Presentations is a perfect way to Open -- or Close -- Your important meeting.

Bodine believes that every meeting has the potential to be an exciting and important turning point in the life of your organization.

He'll emphasize your theme in a compelling way.  He'll share valuable information & inspirational stories to support whatever theme you have chosen for your gathering.  

And he'll present your attendees with a compelling vision for following through on that theme. 

New Awareness & Productive Strategies for
Creating Breakthrough Results

He'll provide your group with forward-edge awareness and productive strategies for increasing their ability to create their most important results. Those who use the creative approach and the productivity tools he has developed, always experience an immediate increase in their creative capacity.

His deep understanding of "the structure of personal & organizational vision" can help your group move to the next level of their capacity and success.  

His thought-provoking study of the "true nature of commitment" will surprise you and motivate you.  You'll finally understand what commitment really is, and how commitment really works.  And that's just one segment from his presentation on "Doing What It Takes to Win."

Interactive & Entertaining

Bodine has delivered more than 750 presentations during his career, to every type of audience, and every age group.  He has experience as a speaker, in every kind of venue, at every type of gathering.

He connects easily with each of his different audiences.  And he really knows how to make learning uplifting and fun, especially at critically important meetings.

In addition to being one of the top keynote speakers in Las Vegas, he's also an award-winning magician & hilarious entertainer. And he blends magic and entertainment seamlessly into his content-rich speeches.

If Your Meeting Theme 
is Important

Bodine is the kind of speaker who can communicate the value & full meaning of your theme in a fresh and inviting way.  

And if you want to make certain to add energy, entertainment, and laughter to the overall experience of your meeting or event -- especially in Las Vegas -- Bodine is the best keynote speaker for helping you achieve your meeting objectives.

Bodine will KEYNOTE all types of MEETINGS & EVENTS in the Las Vegas area, including the following:

"Bodine is the best speaker with a content-rich presentation I have ever seen."

--  Christine Rae / Pres. & CEO

    CSP Int'l Business Training Academy

Bodine Balasco is a Professional Keynote Speaker Who Will Completely Tailor His Speech to:

The Theme of Your Meeting or Event

As an OPENING SPEAKER Bodine will emphasize your theme in a way that gives it great meaning and relevance.
He'll also establish an upbeat and exciting tone for the entire meeting.

Ask the clients who've hired Bodine as their CLOSING SPEAKER, and they'll tell you he's a speaker who "ties it all together" around the theme & the primary goals of the group.
And ends the meeting with an enjoyable upbeat energy.

Your Meeting Objectives

Everything Bodine does, in his preparation and his presentation, is in support of your chosen meetings objectives.

Every meeting or conference has the potential to be a vitally important & exciting event in the life of the organization and it's members.

Bodine will assist you in clarifying your meeting outcomes, and achieving your objectives.

Your Attendees

Bodine always prepares by becoming aware of the issues and aspirations of your group. As a result they always feel he is talking specifically to them.

He's the kind of speaker that loves to sit in with the group prior to his presentation.

And he always gets the group laughing, and excited about being part of the gathering

The Content You Consider Most Relevant & Valuable

Years of research, that continues to this day, has given Bodine a wide range of valuable knowledge that he has organized into segments for his keynote speeches.

Based on your organizational issues & aspirations, Bodine can offer you a menu of content from which to choose.

His goal is always to provide your attendees with the most relevant & empowering information.

client testimonial


Client:  Keystone Bros. Largest supplier of wholesale fabrics & upholstery supplies in the U.S.

Event:  National Sales Meeting & 130th Anniversary Celebration

Presentation:  Closing Keynote

Topic: "Vision Creates Reality"

"The results are in and we couldn't be happier.  Everyone is still talking about Bodine's extraordinary keynote presentation, "Vision Creates Reality."

It was a perfect mix of entertainment and education, exactly what our sales force and managers needed.  And we are excited to see our people putting Bodine's words into practice.

The standing ovation really says it all.
Bodine knocked us off our seats. And helped make our Annual Sales Meeting and 130th Anniversary Celebration very exciting and memorable."

Kathleen Mitchell
Asst. Marketing Mgr.
Keystone Bros.



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