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Hire One of the Top Corporate Keynote Speakers for Your Las Vegas Meeting 

Hire One of the Great Motivational Keynote Speakers for Your Las Vegas Meeting

Insure the Excitement & Success of Your Event

The most Knowledgeable & Entertaining Corporate Speaker in Las Vegas

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Bodine Balasco is One of the Corporate Speakers whose skills & knowledge will help Insure the Excitement and Success of Your Las Vegas Event

Bodine Has Been Named One of the Top Keynote Speakers of the 21st Century

If you're looking to find a corporate keynote speaker who will inspire, energize, and educate your group with valuable results-smart information -- and also add amazing entertainment & laughter -- Bodine is the one.

He possesses two degrees from UCLA, in Speech Communications & Social Psychology.   And he has years of experience researching, writing, and delivering Keynote Presentations, Business Seminars, and Development Workshops.  

Bodine has spent a lifetime studying and implementing the principles of human creativity and achievement. And he has a gift for inspiring others to achieve their highest potential

And as if that weren't enough, he also has an extensive background as an award-winning magician and entertainer.


  • Bodine has developed the capacity to seamlessly combine humorous, amazing entertainment with the ability to communicate fresh "principles & methods" for creating desired business results.
  • This allows him to easily & quickly connect with your attendees -- even at the most serious and important meetings -- and generate energy & involvement.  It also allows him to get his information across in an uplifting and unforgettable way.

His client roster reads like a listing of the Fortune 500 -- FedEx, Exxon, 3M, Blue Cross, and Verizon, just to name a few.

And  members  of the Institute of Management Consultants were so affected by Bodine's valuable content and amazing entertainment, they gave him a 10+ rating on their 5-point scale!

Bodine Tailors His Powerful Message & Information to Your Organization's Issues & Aspirations 

Bodine studies each client company he speaks for, and conducts a phone discussion with a designated company leader to determine your most important issues & most important business goals. This enables him to synchronize his message & speech content with your specific needs & aspirations. 

As a speaker at keynote events, Bodine is a master at emphasizing the theme of your meeting in an enjoyable and compelling way, making your attendees understand the real meaning & importance of that theme. And he'll set the tone of your corporate meeting to be upbeat, highly creative, and exciting.

Bodine will share with your attendees a modern method for generating sustainable commitment & sustainable energy for achieving their critical business objectives.

The truth is, Bodine's audiences quickly realize he's a fun dynamic speaker who has real content to share -- methods & strategies -- that can help them improve their creative capacity to create the results that are most important to them.

His awareness of the new understanding of what motivation is and how motivation really works, sets him apart in a very inspiring and productive way.  He's a keynote speaker who knows how to make learning be uplifting and fun.

One of the reasons why Bodine is considered one of the best corporate speakers is because the individuals and organizations that put his principles to work, achieve -- and often surpass -- their highest goals.

"Bodine is the best speaker with a content-rich presentation I have ever seen."

  -- Christine Rae / Pres. & CEO                                        
CSP Int'l Business Training Academy  

"Bodine is the best speaker with a content-rich presentation I have ever seen."

-- Christine Rae / Pres. & CEO                  

       CSP Int'l Business Training Academy                                                       

A Special Corporate Keynote Speaker You Cannot Allow Your Group to Miss

A Special Speaker for Corporate Events You Cannot Allow Your Group to Miss

at your event


To Tailor His Presentation

To Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives

To Share Valuable Information

To Help People & Work Teams increase their Ability to Create their Desired Results

To Add Energy & Laughter
to Your Meeting or event

Your attendees will be royally entertained

And they'll leave uplifted, with new strategies that will help them immediately & long-term

Here's What Bodine's Clients have to Say

"I've hired Bodine to be the closing keynote speaker at three different Manager Conferences for national restaurant companies that we own.
He received a standing ovation each time, with each group.

He's a knowledgeable inspiring speaker who truly understands the challenges and the process for creating customer loyalty in the hospitality business.

And with Bodine, his speaking always comes from his heart.

He studied the essence of our brand positioning and our brand mission, and
he connected with all three of our management groups like no speaker we have ever hired."

"If you want a top motivational business speaker who also provides first-class entertainment at your next convention or meeting, then you need to book Bodine Balasco.

He provided two seminars along with special entertainment during our awards banquet. And I cannot say enough about him. We were educated and motivated. And we were entertained!

He is the best by far that I have ever worked with or booked!  He is worth every penny and more."

Creating Your Most Important Results 

Bodine believes that every meeting has the potential to be a vitally important & exciting experience in the lives of your attendees and in the life of the organization.

And he is a keynote speaker who can show your group the practical steps to take, to achieve their highest goals, no matter what resources they have -- or don't seem to have -- to start with. He will share the conclusions he's come to, from years of researching what authentically motivates and enables people and organizations to achieve their goals.

He will show your group how to develop the strategic ideas & sustainable energy necessary to keep raising the bar and going beyond, to the next level of performance.

 And, while sharing the productive strategies he has discovered, Bodine adds in laughter and amazing entertainment.

As Bodine states it, "When you get your business tribe together for whatever reason, you've got to tap into the energy of the true aspirations of your organization and your people.  And, you've also got to arrange to laugh and have some fun. It's a yin and yang kind of thing, that is so very important.

Following his presentations, people leave happy, refreshed, and ready to greatly improve their capacity to create their most important results, in their work & in their lives.

Bodine shares the Best Method yet Discovered for Improving Your Capacity to Create Desired Results

Vision Creates Reality

Mastering the Productive Use of the Creative Process

Intention  |  Strategy  |  Action  |  Follow-thru

The Power of
Personal & Organizational Vision


Mastering the Productive use of the Creative Process

The Power of
Personal & Organizational Vision

Vision Creates Reality

The principles & strategies to


for creating the results you want

Through years of research into the dynamics of human creativity and achievement, Bodine has found many of the answers to the important questions about how to create business and personal success. 

And he shares this productive information in his keynote presentations and development workshops.

The most productive method he shares with his audiences uses a principle that Bodine considers to be "the most important principle ever discovered in modern achievement science." 

Surprisingly it is not yet well known, even though everyone who uses this principle, and achievement method, gains immediate leverage for creating their desired results.

As part of his keynote speech on "Mastering the Productive Use of the Creative Process," he also shares "the true nature of commitment."  And Bodine has found, once people finally understand "what commitment really is" and "how commitment actually works," their willingness to commit goes through the roof.

Additional Speaking Topics

additional topics Bodine speaks about

  • Doing What It Takes to Win
  • Level UP! - How to Move to Your Next Level
  • Capturing the Heart of Your Customer
  • Meeting the Leadership Challenge
  • The Power of Putting People First
  • Ideas Are the Answer

Bodine tailors his inspiring messages to your group's motivational goals. He helps each person who participates, to see themselves -- and the others they interact with -- in a new and wonderful way.  

His motivational speaking topics include proven practical steps for creative achievement that are exceptionally productive. Many of these strategies can be practiced in all areas of life.

Bodine's Presentations are an extraordinary mixture of the best attributes any audience could ask for

He authentically tailors the content of each motivational keynote speech to fit the issues and aspirations of your organization and your group.

And then he adds in the laughter and fun of his interactive comedy and magic.

Bodine skillfully and seamlessly uses his award-winning entertainment to engage his audiences with laughter and amazement.

This also opens them up to the learning experience he presents, so they process and remember the valuable information and strategies he shares. 


Bodine Has Been Studying Achievement and Achieving Success Since He was a Teenager

One summer day, as a young high school student, after watching the Olympic Games on television, Bodine became inspired to become a distance runner.

The very next day he began obtaining and reading several books on distance running, some of which included training strategies for becoming a top flight runner. He also immediately began running six miles a day.  

Two years later he won the California State High School Cross-Country Championship, and he was offered an athletic scholarship to UCLA.

While attending UCLA he earned honors as stadium record-holder and team captain.

And he graduated with two degrees, in Speech Communications and Social Psychology.

After graduating from the University, Bodine became fascinated with sleight-of-hand magic.

Once again, studying from books he obtained, he quickly mastered the fundamentals of sleight-of-hand. 

He was soon making his entire living as a magical entertainer, traveling all over North America as a professional sleight-of-hand magician, and winning awards from his professional peers in the process.

His amazing skillful magic stunts are matched only by his ability to make his audiences burst into laughter.

Becoming One of the Best Corporate Keynote Speakers 

After being an event entertainer for a decade, it wasn't until he was invited to create and deliver his first keynote speech that Bodine returned to his academic training and found his true calling in life.

Right from the start, he combined his fascination with the principles of achievement, his academic training in human behavior, his university training in public speaking, and his ability to make people laugh.

His first client as a professional speaker insisted he also include some of his interactive entertainment.

He received a standing ovation after that first speech, and he's been at it ever since . . . researching, writing, and delivering tailored presentations for his client groups nationwide.

Great Corporate Speakers
Bring out the Best in Others

The best corporate keynote speakers inspire others to become better than they thought possible. This is Bodine's passion -- to help people & work teams achieve and excel. 

When Bodine first decided to become a professional speaker for corporate events, he determined, as one of his goals, to discover the essential secrets of personal success and leadership effectiveness.

From the very beginning of his speaking career, 
Bodine set out to discover the answers to a specific set of questions:


How can individuals & work teams fundamentally increase their capacity to create the results they want, in business and in life?


What are the characteristics of a working environment that brings out the best in everyone?  And how is that kind of work culture successfully created and maintained?


What is the single best process for activating & strategically directing a work team that is composed of employees from different generations and ethnicities?

Bodine has found the fundamental answers to these questions.  And he has a gift and a passion for sharing this valuable information from the speaker's platform at corporate meetings and events.

An unforgettable Corporate Keynote Speaker Who Inspires and Empowers

An unforgettable Speaker for Corporate Events Who Inspires and Empowers

Give Your Keynote Event the Finest Motivation and Entertainment Available

Don't allow your group to miss out on Bodine's powerful motivational message, success insights, and amazing skillful magic.

If you're looking to feature one of the best speakers of the 21st century at your important Las Vegas event, call Bodine's office right now.  

Your attendees will thank you for bringing in Bodine to your event.



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