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The Top 10 List of What Employees Want from Work

Hello!  It's Bodine here.

We are living in an era, right now, where each one of us has the opportunity to increase our positive influence at work & in our lives, by becoming clearly aware of what we personally value.

>  What are the Values we truly believe in? . . . in our work and in our relationships?  

This 17-page ebook, based on a study by the Public Agenda Foundation, will remind you about your work values, whether you are a manager or a staff member. 

And since we now know "our values drive our behavior," that is a good thing, a really good thing.

It's an easy read. And it's a pleasure to provide it to you.
Take care over there.

"The Top 10 List of What Employees Want from Work"

from a Study by The Public Agenda Foundation

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