January 19

Capturing the Heart of Your Customer: > Creating Business Growth byCreating Customer Loyalty


To gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, we must drive our behavior with a broader definition of service excellence. We must raise our sights and focus on creating customer loyalty.  It’s about creating customer value and strengthening the customer relationship with each and every customer contact.

Bodine will help your team realize this is not inspirational, it’s operational. Your business success
depends on the two primary benefits obtained from creating loyal customers:
Customer RETENTION and Business REFERRALS.

Creating authentically loyal customers is not an easy task in a world where the buyer has all the power, but it can be done. And it’s the key to business growth in the 21st Century. In this presentation Bodine shares modern service principles, effective communication behavior, and important work-culture values, for creating consistently high levels of customer service. It’s this consistent devotion to truly serving the customer, at every point of customer contact, that will allow you to retain the customers you’ve got and obtain a steady stream of new customer referrals.

Our values drive our behavior, and in this presentation Bodine will share:

    • Four core values and five core behaviors for creating customer loyalty.
    • Three Primary Principles for Creating Customer Loyalty.
    • How to Create a Culture of Customer Focus & Consistent Customer Service.

Las Vegas Keynote Speaker - Bodine Balasco

This information will not only inspire your group, it will give your staff members new awareness and new tools that will immediately increase their customer focus and enhance their positive impact with their customers.

Creating a Culture of Customer Focus

We must realize once and for all, it’s not about great performance. It’s about great performance from the customer’s perspective. The creation of customer loyalty must be driven by an effort to learn — and continually re-learn! — what our customers value.

It’s about constantly gathering and collating customer feedback, to determine what they like and what they dislike, and then communicating this awareness to everyone in the organization.

This continually updated knowledge of “what our customers truly value” is then used to shape all of our procedures, inform all of our decisions, and drive all of our behavior. This builds a customer focus into the very structure of the enterprise itself.

This feedback process must be greatly simplifed to be effective. The latest research in this area tells us how to do this in a remarkably effective way. Bodine will share this information with your group:

  • The one question you must ask — and how to ask it — that allows you to accurately measure the level of customer loyalty you and your team are currently creating.
  • The best “employee engagement strategy” for getting everyone productively involved in creating loyal customers.
  • An 8-step strategy for “Turning an Angry Customer into a Loyal Customer.”
    Every customer-contact employee NEEDS TO KNOW this strategy for recovering from inevitable blunders.

In today’s competitive marketplace this information is critical to your company’s success. Bodine communicates this important information with a humorous and entertaining showmanship that makes it unforgettable, and makes learning exciting and very enjoyable… and yes, even fun!

Most importantly, managers report positive behavioral change in their staff members, and a renewed focus on their customers, after they experience this presentation with Bodine.



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