January 19

Creating Authentic Engagement


Is there anything more important than having truly engaged employees?  Examining the most authentic “Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work,” from a study by the Public Agenda Foundation, Bodine will present strategies and insights that will help you develop truly engaged work teams.

Developing Your People Skills & People Wisdom

Clearly your employees are your greatest resource, if you can get them to become completely committed to their work, if you can get them focused on and excited about great performance.

In this presentation Bodine will answer the following questions:

  • How can we influence our employees to be as committed as we are to the success of the enterprise?
  • How do we get great performance when we can’t pay for it?

Building Commitment & Involvement

To unlock the full potential of our employees we must create a new type of working environment. Each year, we are required by the demands of the marketplace to ask for more and more from our employees. Bodine will challenge you, as a leader, to examine what you can give in exchange, when you ask for more from your staff. (And no, it’s not more money or more benefits).

You will learn how to increase employee commitment & involvement by examining the latest Top-10 List of “What Employees Want from Work,” from a study by the Public Agenda Foundation. He will also share, from the latest studies, the core elements of what it takes
to create a working environment that will attract, retain, and motivate the best employees available.

You and your leadership staff will learn:

  • The authentic Top-10 List of “What Employees Want from Work.
    And what these means to you as an influential leader.
  • The 12 workplace characteristics for attracting, retaining and motivating the very best employees.

This will allow you to benchmark your own “cultural architecture” for improvement. And that cultural improvement will have an immediate impact on your staff.

You and your leadership staff will also learn:

  • How to keep employees focused on learning and improving.
  • A group creative-thinking tool that will allow you to regularly gather an abundance of ideas from your staff. (The efficiency improvements, cost savings, and improved morale you’ll experience from using this tool will surprise you.)

Increasing Your Postive Influence

This intriguing presentation will change the way you think about leadership, and help you update your leadership behavior. This presentation is for anyone who wants to develop their “people skills” and their “people wisdom,” and thereby greatly enhance their positive influence and leadership effectiveness.


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