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Hello, hello.  It's Bodine here.
>  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to present myself as a keynote speaker at one of your upcoming meeting events.  

>  I've organized this page to indicate the valuable information & award-winning entertainment I'd like to add to your meeting.  It's an exciting combination I've developed over several years of being a keynote speaker for most of the top corporations in America.
>  There's a lot of valuable new information that's been developed from the latest studies of achievement science & leadership behavior.  I've organized some of the best of it, to be easy to understand & implement.  And I'm a speaker devoted to making learning fun!
>  I'd also like you to know, I have a presentation in mind for your group that will include the most productive method I've ever discovered, in 20 years of research, for improving our ability to create desired results.  I'd also like to share some new communication skills wisdom, derived from the latest brain research.  It's exciting stuff, that we all need to know about.
>  I believe that every meeting presents an opportunity for us to strengthen our connection to each other, and to grow our capacity to create the results we want, as individuals AND as a group.  I'd like to have the opportunity to join you at your meeting, and do my best to facilitate that growth.
>  Thanks for taking a look at the information on this page.
                   Best regards,

Rated 10+ by the Institute of Management Consultants

Named "One of the Top-21 Speakers for the 21st Century"

Inspire, Entertain and Educate Your Group
with Acclaimed Business Motivational Speaker, Bodine Balasco

Formally trained in public speaking & human behavior, with degrees from UCLA in Speech Communications & Social Psychology, Bodine is an expert in personal development and human achievement.  His client roster reads like a listing of the Fortune 100, including AT&T, 3M, Chrysler, Boeing, ACE Hardware, Warner Bros. Television, and Fedex, to name a few.

He's been a professional speaker and workshop trainer for twenty years.  He's been a radio show host and commentator for the "Smart Business Radio Network."
And Successful Meetings Magazine has named him "one of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century."

He's also an award-winning entertainer.  As an entertainer he's been nominated "Best Comedy Magician of the Year," three years in a row by his peers at the world-famous Academy of Magical Arts.  And from the speaker's platform he combines all of his communication and entertainment skills with his extensive knowledge and information, to create a truly unique learning experience.

Members of the Institute of Management Consultants were so impressed with Bodine's valuable content and entertaining style, they gave him a 10+ rating on their 5-point scale.

Recommended Presentation


21st Century Wisdom for Creating the Next Level of Your Desired Business Results

Twenty years ago Bodine set out to "crack the code" of productive creativity & achievement.  In this presentation Bodine will share what he considers to be the most productive process ever developed for improving our ability to create desired results. 

The 4-part achievement method you will learn is the Generative Creative Process. There’s a structure to this method and a primary tool involved. And when individuals and work teams understand this structure and begin using this tool, they gain immediate productive leverage.

You'll learn a modern process for continuing to develop

your personal & organizational mastery . . .

Goal Setting is Out, and Goal Structuring is In

Often our existing resources can seem insufficient to the task of creating our most important outcomes. This is where innovation comes in.

When using the primary tool of the Generative Creative Process, perceived scarcity of resources automatically drives innovative thinking. People and teams get new ideas. They become inventive. The structure of the process drives this.

They begin using available resources more effectively, they also discover additional resources they weren’t aware of before, and they actively develop new resources to use in creating the results they want.

Generating Sustainable Energy

When your "goal structure" becomes exceptionally clear, high levels of energy, innovation, and action can be naturally sustained.

Using this method, a clear and strategic sense of direction is developed for everyone to understand. Work activities become consciously aligned with the creation of the chosen results. Day to day work takes on more meaning, and a clear sense of purpose. This is very powerful and naturally motivating.

Leaders & managers who use this method are capable of influencing people to strive for and achieve high levels of productivity, without having to resort to coercion or manipulation.

This process provides an approach for developing personal & organizational mastery for succeeding in today’s world.

 . . . with Entertainment Sprinkled In

Award-winning Interactive Magic

Over 50 million people, in venues from NBC's Tonight Show, to a command performance for the President of the United States, have experienced the interactive sleight-of-hand magic of Bodine Balasco.

His peers at the world-famous Academy of Magical Arts have nominated him "Best Sleight-of-hand Magician of the Year." They've also nominated him "Best Comedy Magician of the Year" . . . three years in a row.

Bodine is an entertainer who breaks down the barriers between the audience and the performer.  And he seamlessly adds his unique entertainment into his content-rich motivational presentations.

"Bodine is the best speaker with a content-rich presentation I have ever seen."

--  Christine Rae / Pres. & CEO

    CSP Int'l Business Training Academy

Client & Attendee


CEO Attendee

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Attendees & Clients

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Here's What Bodine's Clients have to Say

"I've hired Bodine to be the closing keynote speaker at three different Manager Conferences for national restaurant companies that we own.
He received a standing ovation each time, with each group.

He's a knowledgeable inspiring speaker who truly understands the challenges and the process for creating business results.

And with Bodine, his speaking always comes from his heart.

He studied the essence of our brand positioning and our brand mission, and
he connected with all three of our management groups like no speaker we have ever hired."

"If you want a top motivational business speaker who also provides first-class entertainment at your next convention or meeting, then you need to book Bodine Balasco.

At our Oklahoma RVA  Conference he provided two seminars along with special entertainment during our awards banquet. And I cannot say enough about him. We were educated and motivated. And we were entertained!

He is the best by far that I have ever worked with or booked!  He is worth every penny and more."


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